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Fall 2020


What a time. Among the many lessons of this most difficult year is that our path forward isn’t always a straight line—but what we’re also learning is that this moment, for all its heartbreak and anxiety, has redemptive possibility. It gives us a chance to discover what hitherto unseen grace and strength reside within us. That’s how we are thinking about our fall season.

In addition to the digital programming we’re so thrilled you have come to love—our Live From and At Home With Irish Arts Center series, Poems and Words of the Week, online classes—we are announcing a new series of commissions from twenty-six artists across a range of disciplines and styles, all prompted by the idea of finding grace in uncertainty, whose collective work will become a kind of artistic scrapbook of these times. Some will emerge this season and others will incubate longer—we will bring you on the journey with us.

 Register for our fall digital programming below. 


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